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Financial Wellbeing


The statement “We live in a vulnerable world” by researcher and storyteller Brené Brown during her TEDx presentation in 2010 – now with over 50 million downloads – remains profoundly relevant even today.

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Financial Wellbeing

Reimagining work and life

Our recent years have prompted many of us to take a step back and reconsider the direction of our careers and the essence of our lifestyles. Which can often lead to the question: “Is there a different path I should explore?”

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My Good Life

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

Author Stephen Covey’s Quest began with a simple question, “how so we define and sustain success?”, inspiring him to delve into over 200 years of literature on self-help, self-improvement and psychology.

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My Good Life

Growth Mindset

‘Not yet’ could be perceived as an obstacle, a reason to halt progress. However, when embraced positively, it signifies ongoing potential for growth and accomplishment.

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My Good Life

How to be optimistic

Here, Anna Glynn, a Positive Psychology teacher and wellness expert, delves into the distinctions between optimism and pessimism, emphasising their pivotal roles in shaping your perspective and tackling challenges.

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