Our fees explained


Our fees, just like our advice, are always 100% transparent.

We think that’s not only the fair thing to do, it’s right thing to do.  

Our reputation rests on the relationship and trust we build with our clients. It’s why our commitment to being clear and upfront commences from our very first contact with you and throughout our journey together, from the fees and risks you may encounter to the value we forecast you’ll receive in return.  

We’ll let our Tribe explain. 

Breakdown of our fees

Ok, so what’s the bottom line. As our fees are tailored to every client’s specific situation, the table below provides a simple breakdown of our pricing range. Please reach out if you would like one of our Tribe to take you through our pricing structure in more detail. 

No hidden costs. No convoluted fee structure. No mystery.  

One off fees Discovery Fee
$660 to $990 inc GST.

We’ll also confirm the fee for preparing your Statement of Advice.
Statement of Advice Fee
Starting from $6,600 inc GST.
Fee range varies depending on complexity.
Ongoing service fees Starting from $550 per month inc GST.
Typically charged monthly and fee range varies depending on complexity.
Insurance commissions Price on application.
Tribeca usually receives a one-off upfront commission when you take out an insurance policy we recommend. This initial commission ranges between 30-66%. Please refer to Tribeca's Financial Services Guide for more information.

How do our fees create value?

Our financial advice looks at your life through a holistic lens that goes far beyond financial statements and returns. It goes to what is most important to you in order to live your Good Life. It’s about creating value that enhances your finances as well as your sense of security and freedom to make choices. 

As part of this one of the first pieces of work we’ll present back to you is ‘The Value Factor’ – a benchmarked forecast of the value you can expect to receive based on your needs and goals for the short and long-term future. Typically this value adds up to 4-6 times that of our fees. 

To see the full range of services we offer and the value we provide, click here.

Talk to us

We understand that fees are a major part of the decision in choosing whether we are the right fit for you. We want to make that an easy conversation to have, and we welcome your questions around our fees and approach. 

Please reach out to one of our Tribe on 1300 388 285 or fill out the enquiry form here below and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

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