What’s your relationship like with money? Are you a saver, or a spender? Do you feel like you’re in charge of your finances, or are they in charge of you. How would you rate your sense of security and freedom to make choices? When you start thinking about the role money plays in your life, it has a pretty big impact both positive and negative.

It’s why we think it’s worth the time focusing on and enhancing your financial wellbeing. So you can make the most of every moment.

Financial Wellbeing


Every person’s story is different, with its own set of experiences, opportunities and challenges. Sounds pretty obvious, but for too long financial advice was handed out in a cookie cutter way. One size fits all, where products took priority over people.

We love getting to know you. To know your unique story; what inspires you and drives you. Your achievements, hopes, disappointments and everything in between. What motivates your financial decisions? Are you a risk-taker or risk-averse? And where are you at in your journey now?

How can our advice make your life better?


We all need and want different things at different stages of our lives. Priorities change; and responsibilities. Life throws up curveballs. Opportunities come out of nowhere.

Understanding where you’re sitting in life’s journey helps us shape our advice to meet you exactly where you’re at now, and where you want to be. So where do you sit?


Ok, so how can we help you?

Well, we break it down to what we offer you, and what we provide.

What we offer talks to the emotional aspects like security, freedom and simplicity. What we provide refers to our specific financial services such as cashflow coaching, investment advice and future planning.

This allows us to look at your life through a holistic lens that goes far beyond financial statements and returns. It goes to what is most important to you in order to live your life to the full.

For you to live your Good Life.

What we offer


Removing financial worries and barriers. That’s our first priority as having peace of mind in the now and future is priceless. Using human-centred tools such as our Financial Wellbeing Matrix and 10/3/Now goal mapping, allows us to identify your pain points and shape a meaningful and practical plan for you.


Isn’t that what we all want? Making the most of every moment has a lot to do with knowing you have the freedom to make choices. For some this might happen quickly, for others it may take time. But what’s important is the confidence that comes from being clear on what the road ahead looks like, and the reassurance that we’re with you every step of the way to see it happen.


No-one wants jargon. Or red tape. Financial advice should make your life easier, not harder. When we started out, one of our goals was to make advice simple. Accessible. Useful. It’s why we use the latest technology to streamline documentation. We’ll update you on relevant trends and insights by breaking them down so you don’t need to. And we’ll always encourage you to ask questions and challenge us. It’s how we grow together.


In many ways this is what advice is all about. Being there for you when times are good, and when life throws up its challenges. To offer the support you need when you need it most, we’ve focused on a holistic approach to advice to cater for all of life’s stages, whether that’s setting up insurances and portfolios, helping you buy a property, exploring ethical investing, or preparing for retirement. And you’ll always have a dedicated Tribe of experts (we call them our Diamond Teams) looking after you.

What we provide

Cashflow coaching

Whether managing a household budget or managing a business, cashflow is always on your mind. Our cashflow crusaders are here to help you take charge of your money, by giving you the tips, tools and accountability to keep you on track to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Superannuation advice

It’s a fact that many people don’t know the details of their superannuation investments. And that can be costly. By educating you about the finer details of your super, we can help you understand the big picture of what your retirement lifestyle might look like – and take steps to make sure your super is growing, not dwindling.

Estate planning

Your life is worth protecting. Our goal is to ensure you’re on track to meet both your short and long-term goals, while still feeling financially free to enjoy life now. And knowing you’ll be leaving a legacy for others. This means allowing for much more than a Will. A solid estate plan offers strong strategies to manage the disbursement of your assets, with a firm focus on beneficiary nominations that protect the needs of the people you care about most.

Personal risk insurance

To protect your finances from the inevitable curveballs life tends to throw, it’s critical to have the back-up and peace of mind of an effective and appropriate insurance plan. A plan you can rely on when you need it most. Yes, it can be hard justifying paying for something you may never need, but knowing your lifestyle – and your family’s financial future – is secure no matter what tomorrow holds is worth every cent.

Investment advice

Making your money work harder for you. That’s what you want from your investments. It starts by clearly defining your goals, risk profile and timings; and then checking in regularly to ensure your investment strategy is on track or circumstances haven’t changed. That’s how you’ll profit not just from returns, but from the security and freedom that comes from seeing your finances grow and strengthen.

Financial planning

Anything is possible with a lifestyle and financial roadmap to achieve it. Paying off debt early, taking that trip, buying that house, planning for kids, planning for grandkids, changing careers, leaving work for six months, leaving work to live your Good Life in retirement. We know these big life decisions can be daunting. A clear financial plan can help relieve those doubts, leaving you feeling excited and empowered. By making smart decisions about your finances now, you can maximise the one thing you can’t replace later – time. And that’s priceless.

Debt management

Debt. For some just hearing the word can really bring down the mood. For others, it’s water off a duck’s back. Whatever reaction you have, we can help you maximise the benefits of good debt (like wealth creating long-term investments) and reduce or remove the bad (think credit cards and high interest rate loans). Again, it comes down to giving you the support and tools to take charge of your finances and enhance that sense of security and freedom.

Financial advice

Choices. That’s what effective and meaningful financial advice should offer you. The confidence and peace of mind knowing you can face and respond to any challenge or opportunity that comes your way. It’s why our advice is holistic and human-centred; our far-reaching and empathy led expertise supporting you in making choices throughout every stage of your life. It’s advice that builds trust. And builds the life you want to live.

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