Our Tribe of advisors are highly qualified and keep up to date with the latest industry qualifications and benchmarks required to practice in Australia.

We’re also an approved FPA Professional Practice. This means we comply with the highest ethical and professional standards set by the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA). We have met their rigorous eligibility and ongoing commitment criteria.

In addition, members of our Tribe are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals – the most qualified financial planners in the world.

The initial Discovery Appointment with our advice team starts at $660. Other one-off and ongoing services fees are based on the scope and complexity of the advice needed. If you’d like to understand more about our fee structure please see our pricing page which breaks everything down for you. You can also call us on 1300 388 285 or fill out our contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch.

There’s some practical things we need from you, and then there’s some extra thinking we’d like you to do so you can get the most our of your appointment.

First the practical. Please bring along your:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • Bank statement

We’d also like you to think about your financial and lifestyle goals and what you’re looking for in a financial advisor.

We can definitely help with providing financial advice related to aged care by drawing on the expertise of our own Tribe as well as specialist consultants we work with in the sector. It can be very confusing and complex to navigate so please talk with one of our advisors today about how we can support you. You can call us on 1300 388 285 or fill out our contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch.

As our advice focuses heavily on goal setting and mapping out the future, we encourage our clients to always bring their partner to appointments. This ensures we’re working towards both of your goals. Of course you can attend alone, or with a trusted friend, family member or colleague.

Yes, we have selected times available outside of our normal office hours. Just ask our friendly advice team, and we will be able to arrange a time for your appointment. 

The starting point for seeking financial advice often comes from a key turning point in your life. This could be purchasing that first home, starting a family, being retrenched, planning for retirement or managing an inheritance.

A financial advisor can help you set goals so you feel confident that your future plans are secure and achievable. And if you’re not on track to achieving your goals, an advisor can help you put the right strategies in place and support you along your journey.

At Tribeca, we take a holistic view to financial advice in that we look at your overall financial and lifestyle goals. In this way we can work with you in creating a structure and plan aimed at enhancing your financial wellbeing – so you can live with a strong sense of security and freedom to make choices.

We offer a range of services that cover:

  • Cashflow coaching – we’ll help you take charge of your money by giving you the tips, tools and accountability to keep you on track to achieve your short and long-term goals.
  • Superannuation advice – by educating you about the finer details of your super, we can help you understand the big picture of what your retirement lifestyle might look like.
  • Estate planning – we’ll help you create a solid estate plan with strategies to manage the disbursement of your assets, as well as a firm focus on beneficiary nominations that protect the needs of the people you care about most.
  • Personal risk insurance – we’ll help put in a place a robust insurance plan to provide peace of mind in protecting your finances from those inevitable curveballs life throws up.
  • Investment advice – we’ll make your money work hard for you by clearly defining your goals, risk profile and timings; and then regularly check-in to ensure your investment strategy is on track or circumstances haven’t changed.
  • Financial planning – whether it’s paying off debt, taking that dream holiday or planning for retirement, anything is possible with a lifestyle and financial roadmap to achieve it. By making smart decisions now, you can maximise the one thing you can’t replace later – time.
  • Debt management – we’ll help you maximise the benefits of good debt (like wealth-creating long-term investments) and reduce or remove the bad (think credit cards and high interest rate loans).
  • Financial advice – our advice is holistic and human-centred to support you in making choices throughout every stage of your life. It’s about giving you the confidence and peace of mind knowing you can face and respond to any challenge or opportunity that comes your way.

You can find more detailed  information on our services here

We love helping put plans in place for retirement. It’s your 20 year holiday after all! Our team is highly experienced and we have a range of tools to get you thinking about your goals, hopes and dreams when it comes to retiring. If you’d like to start a conversation with us about retirement planning please call us on 1300 388 285, or fill out our contact form and an advisor will be in touch. We also have a super helpful ‘Retirement Ready’ guide you can download here.

At Tribeca we offer a holistic range of financial services to help you live your Good Life. While we don’t specialise in any particular area, our Tribe of experienced advisors are well equipped to provide expert guidance across a range of different services, such as:

  • Cashflow coaching
  • Superannuation advice
  • Estate planning
  • Personal risk insurance
  • Investment advice
  • Financial planning
  • Debt management
  • Financial advice

For a complete rundown of all our services geared to providing you with security, freedom, simplicity and support, please click here.

Great question. As life can move pretty fast with lots of twists and turns, it’s a good idea to review your financial plans yearly to make sure every element is still on track with your aims and aspirations. That includes goal setting, as well as the daily details like cost of living expenses (insurances, utilities, loans, etc).

Our approach is to be with you through the long-term, tackling every up and down with you. That’s why we’re always a phone call away to respond quickly to situations, as well as including regular catch-ups with you depending on the frequency you would like from us.

The first step is to get to know you and understand what’s important to you for the now and the future. That’s why we take the time to work alongside you so we can help you set realistic goals and a roadmap for achieving this. Our process works like this:

Pre-Discovery – This complimentary phone consultation allows us to get to know you and your financial situation, and you’ll get to know us and ask questions about how we work – and importantly – what we value.

Discovery Appointment –  Where we begin mapping out your plan for the now and long-term future using tools such our 10/3/Now goal setting process and the 5 Ls (Life, Love, Learn, Laugh, Legacy). We’ll discuss factors impacting your financial wellbeing – your sense of security and freedom – and create a benchmark using our Financial Wellbeing Matrix.

Strategy – Based on what we learn about you and your needs, we’ll then complete research and analysis, and develop and prepare tailored recommendations for your personal advice.

Good Life Appointment – We’ll present extensive scenario modelling that shows how we can meet your goals depending on the options you choose. We’ll present our formal advice recommendations to you and discuss how to best put this into action.

Implementation – We’ll work closely with you to not just implement fundamentals such as banking structure, investments, super and insurances; but to also empower you with ongoing coaching and support so you can truly take control of your finances and choices. 

We are highly skilled in providing estate planning advice and also have collaborations with specialist consultants if you require further assistance. And if you’d like to start a conversation with us about estate planning please call us on 1300 388 285, or fill out our contact form and an advisor will be in touch.

What does your Good Life look like? It’s a pretty big question, but one that’s critical to how we can help you plan out your whole financial life and future. Right from our first meeting as your financial advisor, we want to get to know who you are and what’s important to you. Then we can map out your goals.

Our starting point is to go over your ‘5 Ls’ – Life, Love, Learn, Laugh and Legacy – which helps us identify what you deem important in life to shape our financial services and advice. Once we have a clear idea of your Good Life, we’ll map out your ’10/3/Now’.

This exercise looks at where you want to be in ten years, then we work backwards to show what life will look like in three years and finally, the changes we’ll have to make now to get there. All of this is created with your goals in mind.

Through tailoring our financial planning to suit your specific needs we can help you reach the goals you have for your future, whilst still giving you the freedom to enjoy your Good Life today.

As professionals in the personal finance industry, our reputation rests on every interaction we have with you. Any professional financial advisor should be committed to being clear and upfront about any costs and risks you may encounter, as well as your potential outcomes.

So, before you meet with Tribeca or any financial advisor, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Are they registered, hold an Australian Financial Services Licence, and are a member of either the Financial Planning Association of Australia or the Association of Financial Advisers?
  2. What qualifications do their financial advisors hold?
  3. What is their ideal client and the areas they specialise in?
  4. What is included in their Financial Services Guide and Statement of Advice (SOA)?
  5. How do they put a financial plan together to achieve a new client’s financial goals? What tools do they use to support you?
  6. How often will they meet with you and what will you receive out of these meetings? Are you able to contact them regularly throughout the year with questions or concerns?
  7. How do they structure fees and do they disclose them (fixed fees/trailing commissions/investment management)?
  8. How independent is their advice – are they incentivised to recommend financial products?
  9. How do they choose the products and services for you – investments, superannuation, insurances, etc
  10. What is their level of data security to protect your personal information?
  11. What process do they have in place if your financial advisor leaves or is away for a period of time?
  12. Are they able to calculate the value they can provide you?

For more information on choosing a financial advisor, here’s some helpful links from the government’s moneysmart site:

When an advisor provides personal financial advice, they must provide you with a Statement of Advice (SOA). The SOA should explain the basis for the advice, the main risks associated with the advice, the cost to you of implementing the advice, the benefits the advisor is receiving, and any conflicts of interest which may influence the advice.

Your financial advisor is also required to provide you with a Financial Services Guide (FSG) as early as possible to allow you to decide if you want to use the advisor’s services. This document must include details such as the people and entity providing the financial services, how the advisor will be paid for their advice, and all the remuneration, commission and other benefits the advisor and AFS licensee will receive.

You can download Tribeca’s FSG here.

At Tribeca, we’re here to help you build the life you want by creating a financial roadmap that will make it happen. We do this collaboratively, setting goals together aligned with what’s most important to you – your values; your lifestyle; your priorities. And we’ll give you all the support and advice you need to help you achieve that good life.

We’re committed to offering the following benefits, and believe a trusted and effective financial advisor should do the same:

•   Proven and professional expertise
Following the Financial Services Royal Commission in 2017 there’s been tremendous change in the financial services industry. It’s resulted in financial advisors having to comply with rigorous education and quality standards, which in turn provides greater expertise and accountability – as it should be. The Adviser Ratings website is a great place to look for the qualifications and expertise of financial advisors, you can find it here. 

•   Creating a plan for your financial future
Financial freedom and security is more than just having enough money to pay down your mortgage each month. It’s about living the life you want to live. A financial advisor can help you set your goals – both financial and lifestyle – and then create a manageable plan for you to achieve it.

•   Holistic financial advice
A financial advisor should be able to help you across all areas of your financial world, from cashflow and budgeting through to asset allocation, investment advice and retirement planning. And every decision should be based on how it aligns with your lifestyle goals.

•   Growing and protecting your investments
An experienced financial advisor can help you make better investment decisions, both during opportunist times in the market and when conditions are challenging. The key is supporting you so to stay on track with your goals.

•   Keeping you accountable
The real worth of a financial advisor comes from helping you set up your financial and lifestyle goals and then keeping you on track. This means coaching and supporting you with the tools so you can take control of your finances, as well as offering tough love at times to keep you accountable to your financial plan.

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