Pip & Ben


As the Executive GM of Global Business Development at a leading integrated building services provider, Pip’s main focus is customer relationships. When she was looking for an advisor to provide her and her husband Ben with greater structure and future planning around their finances, not surprisingly the people side was going to be the deal breaker.

Pip didn’t want someone who was all about numbers. She wanted someone who wanted to build a relationship and treat her with respect and honesty – just as she would do for her own clients.

So she put Tribeca to the test.


It’s often the little things that mean so much. Like having a coffee ready at that first meeting (and making it just as the person likes it). This was the first sign to Pip that we were interested in getting to know her as a person, not merely another client added to our list. Just this simple action had an immediate impact.

The next was proving to Pip and Ben that we were genuinely interested in them and what they wanted to achieve. That it was important for us to understand their life, their lifestyle and personality, and what makes them tick to be able to assist them meaningfully.

We quickly learned that structure and balance was the priority. They both wanted to save but also enjoy the things they love. They also wanted to make sure their insurances and super matched their needs, as well as plan for future events such as starting a family. It was about enhancing their sense of security and freedom. Their financial wellbeing.

So we set about putting structure in place, beginning with setting up their banking and investments in a way that worked best for them. We also educated them on how to manage their finances so they could take greater control. Giving them accountability was a big one, such as a clear sight on their spending and what this means to their savings goals. Knowing they were happy for us to give them some tough love at times (even when they didn’t really want to hear it) was an important part of building a trusted relationship.

A relationship we’re happy to say continues to grow and has seen significant milestones for Pip and Ben, including new home purchases and the birth of their first child.


There’s a real human element to Tribeca. Caring and kind. They genuinely want to know you as a person. I feel very lucky that Ben and I are really starting to live our Good Life. We’ve worked hard for it, and I’m certainly grateful for Tribeca being there to support us.

Pip & Ben Turnbull

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