Tribeca Financial has acquired Lime Financial Planning


Nathan Fradley

joins the Tribeca Tribe from 30 November 2021.

Lime was founded in 2015 to champion Nathan’s interest in ethical investments and aged care. He spent six successful years building Lime with a genuine desire to see his clients improve their lives.

Ryan Watson, founder and CEO of Tribeca commented he quickly identified that Nathan’s way of doing business was culturally aligned to Tribeca’s values and its way of providing advice.

“Nathan is an A-grade adviser who always puts the client at the centre of his thoughts and advice.”

Nathan, a Financial Standard’s 2021 Power50 Advisor, said given the regulatory environment, being a single advice practice owner and jack of all trades is a “hard gig”. In selling Lime, Nathan wants to focus on taking care of his clients and family. “The work required to take care of my clients, keep up with legislation, systems, technology, markets, admin – all in what would be considered a healthy work-life balance I feel is not possible, or at least no sustainable over the long term,” he said.

My Good Life is focusing on what’s most important – living life to the full.

Nathan Fradley

Senior Advisor

Nathan lives his life to make a meaningful difference to people and the planet. For him it’s that simple.

You can see it in his career, where a quick rise through the ranks of a Big Four led him to co-founding his own financial planning firm Lime, enabling him to champion his interest in ethical investments and aged care. And you can see it in his personal life, whether that’s as a high performance strength and conditioning coach (and competing in strongman events), or actively volunteering as a mentor for refugees and giving his voice to social and financial industry issues.

Having followed Nathan’s achievements for a while, we suggested he would be a great fit for Tribeca as he shared a similar purpose and values. Luckily for us he agreed.

You can connect with Nathan on LinkedIn

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