Valuing Women

Empowering women with financial advice

For too long the financial literacy for females has been undervalued or undermined by ignoring women’s views and attitudes towards their finances.

But not at Tribeca.

We offer impactful financial guidance for women to help bridge the gap in areas of salary parity and knowledge, so they can take greater control of their financial lives. It’s staggering that in today’s world there is still discrepancy between the earning capacity of women compared to men. In 2023 the difference was upwards of $18K over the course of a year.1

We’re committed to empowering our female clients to reach a level of freedom and security that allows them to make choices – and not have to settle for the status quo.

Women-centric financial planning

Tribeca is a financial advisor who appreciates women and the unique mindset they bring to financial advice; from decision-making styles, risk profiles and approaches to investing.

In addition, we know from research and our own experience that women place a high value on security, freedom and stability when it comes to wealth management. These elements underpin financial wellbeing, something we’ve been championing for well over ten years.

It’s why all of our advisors – male or female – are able to seamlessly create tailored financial services for women that are meaningful, effective and needs-focussed.

Our Tribe has the ideal balance of highly qualified women who are acutely aware of the challenges our female clients face, and progressive male advisors with a women-centric approach.

Binding all of our advisors together is their compassion and well-reasoned thinking, and commitment to our core values of honesty, respect and empathy. This means you can be confident that all of our Tribe has your best interests at heart, and are united in helping you achieve your Good Life.

Like to meet some of our team?

Snapshot: Associate Advisor. Women’s finance advocate. Empathetic ally.

Snapshot: Advisor. Financial wellbeing champion. Psychology major.


Snapshot: Head of Advice / Partner. SMSF superstar. Good Life gun.

Snapshot: Associate Advisor. Brave heart. Dog whisperer.

Snapshot: Senior Advisor. Cashflow crusader. Fierce competitor.


Snapshot: Advisor. Investment all rounder. Marathon man.

Snapshot: Practice Manager. Problem solver. People person.

Snapshot: COO. Human-centered. Spirit innovator.


Ok, so how can we help you?

Well, we break it down to what we offer you, and what we provide.

What we offer talks to the emotional aspects like security, freedom and simplicity. What we provide refers to our specific financial services such as cashflow coaching, investment advice and future planning.

This allows us to look at your life through a holistic lens that goes far beyond financial statements and returns. It goes to what is most important to you in order to live your life to the full.

For you to live your Good Life.

Just like you, every journey is unique. We’ve assembled a selection of stories from our female clients to provide real-life insights into how we work at Tribeca, and the diverse approaches and services we can offer to help you live your Good Life.

The Real World

If you’d like to reach out and start a conversation (or just find out more), then please get in touch with us below. We’ll contact you soon.

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