Why you need a financial partner, not just an advisor

Why you need a financial partner, not just an adviser

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Next in our series of client stories is Zoe Ottaway.

When Zoe approached Tribeca, she wasn’t looking for a financial advisor who would do everything for her. She wanted an advisor she could learn from, partner with, and empower her to take control of her finances and future.

An advisor who was genuine in understanding her needs and aspirations, and 100% committed to helping Zoe achieve her goals.

This is Zoe’s story.

Finding the answers

To be honest, I originally didn’t think my needs were big or important enough to warrant working with a financial planner. I had envisioned that financial planners were for people with big jobs, big property ownership and big investment portfolios. I thought I could simply get some advice on the areas that I found confusing to work out on my own.

Was my super invested in the right fund? Should I be investing in shares? How was the best way to sort out my income protection insurance?

I’m no financial whiz myself by any means but I knew there were things that could simply be done better than just rolling with how it was.

Upon my first meeting with Tribeca, I knew I was talking with people that wouldn’t just help me find answers but also take a fully holistic approach with me.

Looking for more

I proudly consider myself to be quite financially aware. I prioritise savings. I had already rolled over all my supers into one account. I don’t use credit cards and, even though I’d been previously working for myself and income was sometimes minimal or sporadic, I have set myself up so I don’t live pay check to pay check. Having said that, it’s been quite self-taught, and it was certainly empowering to meet with Tribeca and have financial professionals support my approach.

They were able to take it to the next level by setting some better short and long-term goals across different considerations in my future, rather than the specific single goals I had been setting (such as a holiday or a home deposit).

They were also fantastic in being realistic about not just saving for the future, but how I need to spend my money to maintain my personal wellbeing and not feel guilty about it. It was actually very healthy for me to be challenged on my perception that by saving for the future I needed to sacrifice what makes me happy in the present.

Really understanding me

There is a real feeling of equality when working with Tribeca. They bring you into their world, where people are clearly valued, and any barriers are quickly broken.

While they are leading the way, I do feel my voice is always heard. They have created a space were I feel completely comfortable being open and honest without judgement and that together we are going to achieve my goals. The interest and engagement in my life outside my money is genuine too – it’s great having a laugh and chat while working together.

Knowing how I’m going to achieve my goals within my means and lifestyle is now a huge part of my self-confidence. Embracing my financial ownership is the first step towards achieving everything else. Working with Tribeca (and with Mariana in particular) has absolutely been essential with this.

Being in control

Tribeca has helped me consider my finances outside simply ‘saving’ and ‘spending’. They’ve also ensured my financial security is exactly how I want it to be, across all potential considerations (good and bad) that the future might bring.

They also didn’t just ‘do it for me’ but really made it easy to learn why they were recommending any changes (I do love a good whiteboard visual explanation!) This knowledge has been so empowering. I find it quite exciting actually.

The security and comfort in knowing I’m on top of my money and therefore my future is incredible. Money does buy you happiness – it allows me the freedom and choice to do everything that makes me happy. I’m now that friend who talks money with my friends (particularly girlfriends) as I understand it feels overwhelming (or we simply don’t consider it important enough or that someone else will take care of it for us).

Our financial health should really be something we all prioritise, along with our mental and physical health, given the impact it has on how we live our lives today and tomorrow. This doesn’t mean we have to be money mad or cashed up, but just aware.

It makes such a difference.

We’d like to thank Zoe so much for sharing her journey with Tribeca, and to all  of our clients who trust us with their story.

If you’re like Zoe and want to take control of your finances and empowered to achieve your goals, Tribeca’s here for you. Just click here to arrange a 15 minute phone call.

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