Why Tribeca Tracker is your secret weapon

So what does financial wellbeing mean to you?  Our guess a big part of it is being in charge of your finances, especially budgeting and cash flow. It’s what most of our clients tell us is one of their major goals, and major challenges. As financial planners, we get it (well you’d hope we do). It’s why we created our Tribeca Tracker to empower everyone to wrestle back a sense of financial control – and wellbeing.

The Tribeca Tracker is our user-friendly online tool, available to download on your phone and desktop, that literally brings all your finances together in the one place.

It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use, with the software doing all the hard work. By simply providing the access, all your credit cards, bank accounts, property, car, home loan, investments and more are added at the touch of a button so they can be easily tracked and managed.

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Everything at your fingertips

For cashflow and budgeting, every entry is auto-categorised so you can quickly track transactions and get the full picture of your income and expenses in real-time – and work towards achieving those financial goals.

It also makes tax time much easier, with a number of specially built tax tools designed to track, tag and store relevant tax information (from transactions to receipts) securely online.

You can even sign your important documents electronically, on desktop or through the mobile app, and then store all those documents in the Tracker for easy access. No more paper, clutter and frustration trying to find that Super form, tax statement, Will or retirement plan.

In safe hands

The security of every user is critical. So we’ve ensured the platform has a range of failsafe protocols in place.

The Tribeca Tracker uses the same 256-bit encryption that banks use to protect your private details. And like banks, it has a layered security infrastructure with checkpoints throughout to minimise risks.

As a read-only service designed to help organise and analyse finances, the Tracker cannot be used to move or modify funds. The data is also protected with a host of design and security features from industry-leading platforms like Amazon Web Services, Yodlee, and OneSpan.

Finally, the Tracker uses benchmark multi-factor authentication, adding a layered authentication process to provide added peace of mind that no one else can access.

Stay on track

The Tribeca Tracker is available for anyone who wants to get in control of their finances – and to stay on track

Download the free version now

The free version of The Tracker is a great way for you to see how easy it is to use without committing to the full version. To unlock all of the features such as the banking, budgeting and cash flow components, you will need to upgrade to the pro version, which is provided free to Tribeca clients.

At a time when there’s been so much disruption and uncertainty, we hope a tool such as Tribeca Tracker can offer some much-needed structure and direction – and a boost to your overall financial wellbeing.

For more information about Tribeca Tracker or to speak to one of our financial advisors

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