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Introducing the Tribeca Tracker Wealth Portal

Say hello to your financial world’s new command centre! Set yourself up for success on mobile and desktop with Tribeca Financial’s powerful organisation and collaboration tool Tribeca Tracker. 

Connect all aspects of your financial world in one place – property, bank accounts, loans, insurance and estate planning. Manage your cashflow by tracking your spending direct from your bank accounts. Make smart decisions with powerful reports, analytics and purpose-built wizards. Our Tribeca Tracker portal is chock-full of tools to help make managing your finances a breeze.

Know with confidence your information is safe

Bank level security

Tribeca Tracker uses the same 256-bit encryption that banks use to protect your private details. And like banks, it has a layered security infrastructure with “checkpoints” throughout to minimise risks.

Your money is untouchable

As a read-only service designed to help you organise and analyse your finances, Tribeca Tracker cannot be used to move or modify funds.

Robust, reliable secure experience

From document management to live data,Tribeca Tracker features design and security features from industry-leading platforms like Amazon Web Services, Yodlee, and OneSpan.

Multi-factor authentication

Your Tribeca Tracker has multi-factor authentication, adding a layered authentication process, providing you peace of mind that no one else can access your account.

Tribeca Tracker FAQ

Not at all! The Tribeca Tracker has both free and premium subscriptions available.

The Tribeca Tracker is available to everyone – not just our clients.

Yes, the Tribeca Tracker is able to connect to your bank account and can show you a live feed of any of the accounts you have chosen to connect.