Tribeca Top Ten: financial wellbeing for women

Tribeca Top Ten: financial wellbeing for women

One of the most common queries we receive from women is that they can’t find financial and self-help resources that are relevant, up-to-date or inspiring. So, we thought we’d try and fix that with our latest Top Ten list that takes a look at books, podcasts and websites aimed at helping women take control and enhance their financial and overall wellbeing.


Want to know why women are still often overlooked and underpaid? First released in 2011 and recently revised with updated material, Mika Brzezinski’s bestselling Knowing Your Value takes an in-depth look at how women can achieve their deserved recognition and financial worth. Includes interviews and advice from trailblazing women from politics, entertainment and sport; all focused on how to realise your value in both professional and personal relationships.

Felicity is a bit of a favourite of ours, having interviewed her previously on her thoughts and experiences captured so beautifully in her fabulous book. You can check out the article here. A strong advocate for women’s mental health and wellbeing, in the book Felicity shares her insights across a range of subjects, such as why not having it all can actually be the secret for women to embrace their wonderfully messy lives.

Effie Zahos, former editor of Money Magazine and regular money commentator on Channel Nine, wrote this book for every women that has had that voice in her head that asks, “Where the hell is my money going?”. Packed with facts, information and practical tips to get you thinking about money and taking control of your situation, the book also includes a 26-week money makeover if you’d prefer to take on her challenge rather than reading through the chapters (and of course you can do both).

It’s a fact that female breadwinners face a much higher risk for burnout, infidelity and divorce. Farnoosh (see her podcast below) explores this issue in detail, picking apart how income imbalances can affect relationships and family dynamics, and offering solutions to how a woman can best manage (and take advantage of) this unique circumstance—emotionally, socially and financially. As Farnoosh explains, “It’s the ultimate guidebook for any modern woman who wants to successfully navigate her money, career, family and relationship in the event that she earns more. And all without guilt, shame or fear.”


Rated by Forbes as “A must listen podcast for anyone who is ready to change the status quo”, The Fairer Cents is an educational finance and career podcast all about the different economic realities facing women from all walks of life. Hosted by Tanja Hester, author of Spend Like You Give a Sh*t, and Kara Perez, founder of women’s financial literacy startup Bravely (see below), The Fairer Cents tackles sticky money and financial issues from the wage and wealth gap, to the economics of motherhood, to women’s ambition.

Hosted by Keep it Cleaner co-founders Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, this podcast has gained a massive following around Australia and the world for its focus on issues surrounding young women today. With guests including storytelling guru Hugh Van Cuylenburg from The Resilience Project and inspirational burns victim and now happiness advocate Turia Pitt, this podcast will make you think, laugh, cry and empower you to focus more on your health and wellness.

Nigerian born Bola Sokunbi is on a mission to “help women just like you take charge of their finances, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and get you in control of the life you really want to live”. As part of her Clever Girl Finance platform which includes books, a YouTube channel and a resource-rich website; Bola has created The Clever Girls Know podcast that covers all things money to encourage women to ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.

Farnoosh Torabi began a career as a financial reporter, and has now built an ever-growing personal brand that includes best-selling books, TV shows, web programs, and a hugely popular podcast. So Money features intimate conversations with inspiring and highly accomplished individuals from Seth Godin to Sallie Krawcheck, all about their personal money lessons – good, bad and ugly.


Created by WIRE (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc.), Women Talk Money assists women in having healthier financial conversations with their partners. Through video storytelling, articles and quiz scenarios, this engaging site tackles subjects ranging from relationships and money, getting married, splitting up, and taking a break from work.

With an intro that says “We live at the intersection of finance and feminism”, you quickly get the picture that this site won’t hold back in helping women take control of their finances. With heaps of humour and attitude as well as actionable advice on budgeting, investing and growing income; Bravely is full of resources, articles, online tools and even a range of T-shirts (choose from Financial Feminist or Talk Money to Me).

Stay tuned for our next Tribeca Top Ten, and please share with us any of your favourite recommendations by commenting below or emailing us at marketing@tribecafinancial.com.au.

And if you missed our previous Top Ten lists there’s plenty to choose from, spanning podcasts to make you happy, ultimate personal and professional development resources, unputdownable books, must-listen podcasts, binge-worthy TV shows, and trending YouTube channels.

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