Tribeca Top Ten: Apps to Download

Tribeca Top Ten: Apps to download

The apps you appsolutely need

It’s hard to remember a world without apps. We’ve all got our favourite ones, so for our next top ten we thought it would be great to ask our Tribe for some recommendations that you might want to add to your list. We’ve broken them up into ones that help us be more productive, improve our health and wellbeing, and are just simply fun to use. Bon Appétit.

Appsolutely Productive

OK, so we’re very biased on this one but we had to put our own app at the top of the list. Also available in a desktop version, Tribeca Tracker brings all your financial world into the one place so you can easily manage critical money matters like cashflow, budgeting and savings. It uses bank-level security and privacy technology, and is worth it’s weight in gold at tax time and for storing all those important documents. Talk to your Tribeca advisor to make sure you’re getting the most out of Tribeca Tracker.

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Do you waste a lot of time on your phone? Well now you can put that time to good use with the Forest app. With a simple mission to help users “be present”, Forest trains people to manage their time and become less dependent on their phones in a fun, purposeful way. Whenever you want to focus on a task and not get distracted by your phone, you plant a tree by setting the timer. If you stay in the app, a tree grows. But if you leave the app during that time or go to another function on your phone, the tree will die (taking phone calls is still OK). By successfully growing a virtual tree you earn coins, which you can then build up and use towards planting a real tree in Africa. Try it out next time you’re finishing something for work or trying to finish that book.

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For those people working from home or on the road, CamScanner has become an incredibly useful companion. This very productive app turns a smartphone into a scanner; enabling users to scan, edit, store, and sync contents across phones, tablets and computers. Perfect for managing and storing documents like receipts, photos, contracts or work notes, each scan is converted into a clear and sharp image/PDF which can be stored, printed or shared via email.

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Passwords. We all need them, but they can be painful to remember especially if you use various combinations and update them regularly. BitWarden handles this for you by securely storing and retrieving your passwords. There are three versions available – Free, Premium and Family – with the Free tier providing individuals with all the features you need like syncing to an unlimited number of devices and the handy password generator. It also comes with two-factor authentication to significantly enhance the security of your stored passwords.

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Appsolutely Healthy

It’s fair to say since the pandemic changed our lives, there’s a lot more people who have now heard of and use Strava. That’s because Strava – which is the Swedish verb to “strive” – has become one of the most widely used platforms for fitness and exercise, especially by runners and cyclists. As well as recording your own activity and performance, Strava allows you to follow the “feeds” of other users, as a way of connecting and inspiring/comparing your own efforts. You can also take on challenges and events, or explore a route that has been shared on the app.

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Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. We think that’s a pretty cool mission to have, and this is a pretty cool app for helping put meditation and mindfulness at your fingertips. You start with the Basics course which is a free trial to see if the app is for you, from which you can then subscribe to unlock all of the features. This spans meditation sessions and daily videos through to sleep and exercise-specific content. If you’re keen to try something to settle your mind and body, give Headspace a go. Note: not to be confused with Australia’s Headspace youth mental health organisation.

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You may have heard of that Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth – he uses a hammer a lot. Well he’s also handy with a medicine ball and dumbbells, as you can experience through his own personal training app, Centr. Although you can certainly use the app to focus on strength training, Chris is joined by a host of experts across all fields of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to help people “train, eat and live better”. Whether you want to develop those muscles or just develop better habits, the programs are designed to suit differing goals and levels of ability – from beginner to advanced.

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Appsolutely Fun

There’s so many great non-fiction books to read and podcasts to listen to, but such little time. Blinkist solves this by providing you with short, bite-sized summaries so you don’t have to miss out. The Shortcasts bring you key insights from podcasts, and the Blinks allow you to listen or read the key ideas from bestselling non-fiction books in under 20 minutes. The initial 7 day free trial enables you to explore the entire library of Blinks and shows, and if you like what you see and hear you can move to the paid version which curates recommendations and collections tailored to your interests.

Learn more here


This app is a little bit out there – literally. As the name suggests, Skyview is all about what’s in the sky, well in space actually. The app allows you to point the phone in any direction to view the stars, planets, constellations and satellites all around – whether that’s up through the trees or down through your swimming pool. It’s heaps of fun and a great talking point at parties (and makes you appear really smart too).

Download directly from your iPhone or Android device

Yes, we know Spotify is no secret. But we thought we’d include it in our list as it’s becoming known as much for podcasts as it is for music. And there’s so much to access, from top rating podcasts through to every category you can imagine. The great thing with Spotify is that your feed will provide podcast suggestions based on your previous usage, so you’ll always have new options to look at. So if you haven’t got into podcasts yet or only use Spotify for your musical tastes, next time you’re in the app why not browse the Podcast tab and see where it takes you.

Search on Spotify here

Stay tuned for our next Tribeca Top Ten, and please share with us any of your favourite apps by emailing us at marketing@tribecafinancial.com.au.

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