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The Tribeca Tribe dive deep into YouTube to offer up their top ten trending channels.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the Tribeca Tribe have been surfing YouTube to give you their favourite trending channels in our latest top ten list. Hopefully there’s something here for everyone, from helpful hints and hilarious hijinks to heathy habits and hot hits.


Join the team at Apartment Therapy, who’s aim is to save the world one room at a time. The show is packed full of interior design tips and tours to show you how to create a home that’s happy, healthy and uniquely yours.

You can also visit their website here.

Kane & Pia are well-known vloggers and founders of fashion brand SLINKII , who have recently set out on a trip around Australia to boost the economy and spirits of the tourism industry. Beautifully shot, the pair share their experiences as they drive around and explore the country based on the recommendations of their subscribers.

Ali Abdaal is much more than a junior doctor from Cambridge. He’s a YouTuber, podcaster and all-round nice guy offering strategies and tools to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. He talks quick but has plenty of great tips to offer around study secrets, time effectiveness and productivity.

You can check out his website here too.


If you thought learning about history was boring, think again. In these hugely popular 20 – 30 minute animations, you’ll enjoy a history lesson that’s not just interesting, but will have you in stitches. And you can even buy some merch (you’ll see what we mean).

Chances are you’ve either seen or heard Hamish and Andy somewhere, considering they’ve been on just about every media outlet there is since they joined up in 2003. Not surprisingly, they have a very popular YouTube channel full of hilarious short clips from their various TV and radio shows.

You can check out more fun stuff at their Hamish and Andy website.

Now we know Ozzy Man won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (he’s definitely more a beer man), but we think his movie interviews with A-list celebrities are sometimes better than the movies themselves. Watch as he quizzes his guests on Aussie slang (the Rock and Kevin Hart interview is a particular favourite).


Miriam Cooper – Mimi’s Bowl founder and mum of two – films, writes and blogs about what she is cooking in her kitchen; sharing the food her family eats at home. In her YouTube channel there’s plenty of inspiration for time-poor parents to solve the 5 o’clock dilemma of what to feed the family. This includes simple recipes, seasonal shopping lists and parent hacks.

There’s also plenty more content on her website

Since 2012 Adriene has been providing her free yoga videos which has now grown to a staggering community of 7.88M subscribers. Easy to follow, there’s over 500 videos you can search covering different aspects of Yoga – from running and core strength to healing and anxiety.

If you’re looking for more than just the videos, check out her website.


If you’ve never come across Like a Version hosted by alternative radio station Triple J, you’re in for a treat. This weekly segment involves Australian and international artists playing two songs live in the Triple J studio – one of their own songs and then a cover version. As well as showing the performance, the YouTube channel also includes behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists.

We thought we’d end on another musical note (pardon the pun). But it’s fair to say this one is an original. Dan Mace is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators with over 770K subscribers. A great filmmaker he’s also a crazy musician, spending a lot of his time looking at new ways to create music, from playing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme using basketballs to covering the Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc using a banana. You have to see it to believe it.

You can read more about Dan’s story here.

Stay tuned for our next Tribeca Top Ten, and please share with us any of your favourite YouTube channels by emailing us at marketing@tribecafinancial.com.au.

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