What I wish everyone knew about retirement

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” I’ve always found this quote from Muhammad Ali incredibly powerful – both for its simplicity and message. This quote has taken on even more meaning during COVID-19 where we’ve all had to make significant adjustments to our lives. And start to look at what is most important […]

What are the scams and traps of COVID-19

With financial scams and traps increasing during COVID-19, we’ve listed the top four to avoid. The classic scam. You receive an email from a Nigerian Prince offering you a slice of a huge a fortune he can’t get out of the country without your help. All he needs is your bank details, and a small […]

Why you need a financial partner, not just an advisor

Next in our series of client stories is Zoe Ottaway. When Zoe approached Tribeca, she wasn’t looking for a financial advisor who would do everything for her. She wanted an advisor she could learn from, partner with, and empower her to take control of her finances and future. An advisor who was genuine in understanding […]

What we learned from Everything is Figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable

Marie Forleo says “Nothing in life is that complicated, you can do whatever you set your mind to, you just roll up your sleeves and do it. Everything is figureoutable”. But is everything really ‘figureoutable’? A recent report reveals that more than half of Australians are stressed about their finances, with nearly 85 per cent […]

The four elements of financial wellbeing that all good financial plans must address

finance, goals, security

Financial wellbeing is seen as having a healthy relationship with your finances. This healthy relationship is made up of four elements that give you financial security and freedom of choice, in both the present and your future. The four elements of financial wellbeing consists of: Control over your finances Capacity to absorb a financial shock The financial […]

Money can buy happiness – but only if you spend it correctly

money, spending, finance

A few weeks ago, some members of the Tribeca team took to the streets of Melbourne to gain a better understanding of the level of financial wellness among every day Australians. The results were surprising, finding that whilst 1 in 2 Australians are financially stressed, most of us do not consider money to be a […]

How the simple act of being mindful can help reduce financial stress

Mindfulness, proactive, stress

Mindfulness. If you’ve read anything to do with wellbeing recently, there’s no doubt you’ve already come across this term several times. But what exactly is mindfulness – and what does it have to do with our finances? What it means to be mindful. It’s a common misconception that mindfulness is the same as meditation. So, for […]

How can financial wellbeing help us ‘live the dream’?

Freedom, mortgage, well being

Historically, the Great Australian Dream was the belief that home ownership led to a better life and was seen a symbol of both prosperity and success. Over time, our understanding of happiness and ‘living the dream’ has changed. A report by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia (‘Live the Dream’, 2017) found that currently, […]

How financial wellbeing fits into our hierarchy of needs

Maslow hierarchy, basic needs, affordability

Whether we like it or not, money is a fundamental part of our society. So why wouldn’t increasing our financial wellness be considered a top priority? Although you might not have heard of Maslow, most of us are aware of his concept on the hierarchy of needs. His widely accepted theory states that our needs […]

How your business can promote financial wellbeing for a more productive workplace

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We believe that everyone deserves to live their Good Life. To make this happen, we need to combat stress. Research conducted by WayAhead and comparethematket.com.au has revealed that financial pressure is the leading cause of stress in Australia, with 45% of those surveyed stating that their finances cause them to feel stress. We always hear about […]