Improve workplace culture by encouraging employees to talk about money

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Let’s stop beating around the bush – Australians have a problem. We’re scared to talk about money. As something that has such an enormous impact on our daily lives, you think we’d be a little more open to the idea of discussing our financial situation. Turns out, this isn’t the case. But there are steps […]

It’s time to face up to your financial bogeyman

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Recently, I’ve noticed a concerning trend on my company, Tribeca Financial’s, website traffic. We’re getting a lot of visitor activity from 10pm to 3am. Whilst the increase in traffic is nothing to complain about, it’s the cause behind these visits that has me troubled. You see, the majority of Australians go to sleep just before 11pm. So, […]

How your business can promote financial wellbeing for a more productive workplace

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We believe that everyone deserves to live their Good Life. To make this happen, we need to combat stress. Research conducted by WayAhead and has revealed that financial pressure is the leading cause of stress in Australia, with 45% of those surveyed stating that their finances cause them to feel stress. We always hear about […]

The effect of financial wellness in the workplace

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The term wellness refers to a state of health, happiness and prosperity. Similarly, ‘financial wellness’ is characterised as having a healthy relationship with your finances by understanding how you can spend and save your money thoughtfully. Stress, loss of focus, low morale and sickness are all issues that can arise from employees having low financial […]

Financial stress is weighing us down

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According to the 2015 Australian Psychological Society Stress and Wellbeing in Australia survey, 36% of us report having a significant level of stress in our lives. On top of this, 72% of Australians admit that stress affects their physical health, whilst 64% state that it affects their mental health. So, what is causing us to […]