How to make a four day week work

Two years ago Tribeca made the bold move to implement a 4-day work week. Whilst there was some initial hesitation among the team, our CEO Ryan saw it as the perfect opportunity for our Tribe to become advocates for living their ‘Good Life’. After careful consideration and a 3-month trial the 4-day work week was introduced across the business.

Tribe Talk

Enjoying a cup of coffee

If there’s one name synonymous with Tribeca, it’s Kirsten’s! She has worked with many of you over the years and spent countless hours helping solve pesky Centrelink issues, finalising what seems like never ending paperwork or just making you giggle.

How Australia retires

Vanguard Australia recently published its How Australia Retires report, a comprehensive study delving into Australians’ perspectives on retirement and their perceptions of this phase of life. Within the report, Vanguard explores the multifaceted landscape of retirement.

How does mortgage lending work?

According to leading industry researcher IBISWorld, the market size of Australia’s mortgage industry (measured by revenue) was $62.8bn in 2022. This equates to around 100 lenders servicing just under 20 million clients around the country.

How planning for private school fees can really pay off

Private school fees. There, we said it. These three words are enough to send many parents and carers into a cold sweat. Now please don’t think we’re discouraging a private education for your child – choosing government or private schooling is a very personal and individual decision with both offering amazing opportunities.

Why is financial wellbeing so important?

Financial wellbeing. You’ve probably heard or seen this term used by pretty much every bank and finance firm. But what does it really mean and why has it become such a critical element to financial advice?

Tribeca’s Federal Budget bites

With the first budget surplus in more than a decade our Head of Advice Rob Devlin and Adviser Matt Rea sat down to provide you with what they think are some of the key takeaway points.

The Super easy way to boost your retirement savings

Superannuation is an important aspect of financial planning, especially as you approach retirement age. The end of the financial year is a good time to review your superannuation contributions and make any necessary changes to ensure you are on track to achieving your retirement goals.

Lending Lowdown

Here’s the April Lending Lowdown from our Head of Lending Jason Kloszynski. We understand changes and nuances in the property market can be overwhelming, so we asked Jase to provide his insights into rate increases, transitioning from a fixed rate mortgage and property news.