Sean Birch, Senior Adviser, RYAR

Sean Birch

Director / Senior Adviser

Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Business Law), Ballarat University Certified Practicing Accountant, CPA Australia Graduate Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), RG146

Sean commenced his career as a Corporate Accountant and CPA, which included positions as a Financial Controller and Finance Manager. After a 17 year-long career in this field, he decided he was ready for a change. He made the move to Financial Adviser in 2008, and quickly saw an opportunity to strike out on his own, founding his own financial advice business RYAR Group, trading as The Wealth Design Group.

In 2015, RYAR Group became an affiliate of Tribeca Financial – a relationship which continues to be a positive meeting of minds.

Sean tries not to let his busy career stop him from living his Good Life. Finding the right work-life balance is a top priority, and he always makes time to enjoy the experiences and adventures that come with having a young family.

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