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As professionals in the personal finance industry, our reputation rests on every interaction we have with you. So we’re always committed to being clear and upfront about any costs and risks you may encounter, as well as your potential outcomes.

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Find out what’s possible for your future in a Discovery Appointment


Discovery Appointments

are the first step in the journey towards creating your ‘good life’.

Designed to be a deep dive into your goals, hopes and dreams, we’ll use our unique 10/3/NOW Goalsetting Process to create a financial roadmap up to 10 years into the future. We’ll focus on three key things:

  • Cashflow

     – where do your income and expenses come from right now and how can they be optimised?
  • Investment

    – what investments do you have currently and what others might you need in order to achieve your goals.
  • Contingency

    – we’ll look at your personal risk insurances and estate planning to see if any improvements can be made.
You see, Financial Wellbeing is when you have a perfect blend of



Freedom of Choice

, as well as solid plans for both the


and the


. With all of this in mind, we’ll talk with you about how you’re feeling now financially so that we’ve got a


baseline to improve from.

What would you like to do or achieve that you haven’t already?

Bigger home
Learning & Study

Holiday House
Hobbies & Interests
Extended Time Off

Your own business
Dreams & Goals

Your Discovery Appointment has as a one-off fee of just $330.00 including GST,  giving you a clear picture of where you’re at financially, and the steps you need to take to achieve any of the things you’d like to do in life.

Here are the next steps in reaching your financial goals

Clients who choose to work with us ongoing enjoy personal financial advice that brings them closer to their ‘big life’ goals. But before they become clients, we have a few important steps to go through:

Strategy Appointment

Taking our initial information gathered from your Discovery Appointment, we present extensive scenario modelling that shows how the execution of your 10/3/NOW goals may look depending on the options you choose. 

Whether you continue on with us or not, you’ll have a solid plan to work from. 

This is quite an exciting appointment for clients, as we’re showing you your potential future in a way you’ve never seen before.

Fee estimate: $1,650 to $2,200 including GST.


This session is presented within a Statement of Advice (a legal document that needs to be executed).

We’ll present our formal advice recommendations to you and discuss how to best put this into action. Together, we’ll help you realise your financial goals. 

Fee estimate: $2,200 to $3,300 including GST.

Ongoing Implementation, Coaching & Planning

By engaging Tribeca Financial as your wealth advisors, we work hard to help improve your financial knowledge through ongoing coaching, while also ensuring your portfolio is best positioned to deliver the ‘Good Life’ you dream of. As a client, we’ll ensure you have:

  • Annual Reviews

    – (our ‘Contingency Check’) whereby we discuss your progress, your current Financial Wellbeing, 10/3/NOW and SMART Goals, Investment Performance, and any changes to your situation and risk profile.
  • Personal Risk Insurance analysis

    – ensuring you are adequately covered for the unthinkable.
  • Estate Planning

    – there’s no point building a successful wealth portfolio if it isn’t protected and shared in-line with your wishes.
  • Regular Advisor Engagement

    – through coaching, strategy sessions, and open communication.
  • Return on Investment

    – through tax savings, product savings and household cost savings.
  • Annual Reviews

    – through our Tribeca Tracker app – showing you how you’re going on the way to your short, medium and long-term goals.
  • Investment Longevity

    – making your money work longer and harder for you.

Above all else, we ensure that you’re always in charge of your money, giving you complete peace of mind and freedom of choice.

Our clients love the feeling of being on the path
towards their Good Life

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