Neil & Megan


Neil first came to Tribeca with a fair bit of cynicism. This was borne out of previous experience with financial advisors, having walked away with the impression that they were in it for juicy commissions on selling financial products.

It’s fair to say that we had a fair bit of convincing to do, to prove to Neil that Tribeca was different. That we had his best interests at heart.

That we had his back.


We first worked with Neil providing financial planning advice for his business, which at the time he co-owned with his three business partners. What became a priority was ensuring the business was setup appropriately for growth while protecting the interests of each owner. This led to a detailed strategy where share agreements and layers of insurances were put in place, extending to specialist policies such as key person insurance (a choice later proving critical following an extended illness of one of the partners).

This deep care for the business and individuals involved was exactly the type of service Neil wanted and expected from a financial advisor. It wasn’t long before he moved his personal affairs to Tribeca.

We quickly got to work with Neil and his wife Megan, creating realistic plans for rapidly reducing their home loan debt including quarterly budgeting check-ins. Like the business, ensuring insurances were maximised was also priority, again proving fortuitous when Megan required time off work to recover from a long-term shoulder injury. This care and support also extended to their teenage children, where our discussions around personal finances and managing their expenses gave them insights and tools for transitioning into financiallyindependent adults.

This opportunity to help Neil in both his professional and personal life has been incredibly satisfying and humbling for our Tribe; something we will never take for granted.


Tribeca has always shown a desire to go above and beyond. And that they really care. Care that we are secure financially. Care that we are able to live our ‘Good Life’.

It’s so important to know that your financial advisor has got your back and will go the extra mile. Tribeca do. Having an open and transparent relationship is critical as you are sharing your ups and downs.

I feel very lucky to have had Tribeca there to support us at every step.

Neil & Megan Shewan

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