Looking towards a year of hope and opportunity

Looking towards a year of hope and opportunity

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In our first article for 2021, we asked our CEO Ryan Watson to provide his perspective on the challenges of 2020, and what Tribeca’s focus will be as we look towards the next twelve months.

COVID. Iso. Pivot. Zoom.

No-one could have imagined these words will be forever synonymous with the language of 2020. Unprecedented is another one.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve spent much time over the holiday break reflecting on a year that challenged us like no other. There were many difficult times that tested our resolve as individuals and a global community.

But out of this crisis has risen words that capture the very best of human spirit: Courage, Resilience. Hope. Gratitude.

This is what I witnessed everyday in the actions and interactions between our Tribe and clients. Through all the tough times of 2020 – from devastating bushfires to the harshest of lockdowns – the will to stay strong, stay the course and stay connected never diminished.

It’s what I’m most proud of as CEO of Tribeca.

The trust and faith our clients place in us is something we will never take for granted, and myself and the Tribe would like to thank every one of you for all the words of encouragement and support that continued to sustain our efforts last year. 

And will propel us forward in 2021.

So, as we look at approaching the next twelve months with renewed hope and optimism (also knowing in stark reality how quickly things can change), I’d like to add another word to help frame our drive and purpose – opportunity.

For Tribeca, that opportunity comes from continuing to grow and learn as a business, adding new skills and thinking to help our clients and Tribe achieve their Good Life. It’s seen us add six team members over recent months, highlighted by the appointment of Natasha (Tash) Stronach as our first General Manager, who brings innovations in strategy and technology to further enhance our operations.

For our clients, the opportunity comes from knowing that Tribeca has always got your back, and that we will continue to look for new ways to build stronger and more meaningful connections. It’s also knowing that as long as we keep  having open and honest conversations, we can face any challenge and never lose sight of your financial and life goals.

Your Good Life.

Myself and our Tribeca Tribe have never been more committed to helping you achieve that strong sense of financial wellbeing and balance, and we look forward to facing the opportunities of 2021 – together.

If you would like to arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our financial advisors, please contact our Tribeca Tribe here. 

We’re also offering a free of charge, 45-minute financial consultations (via phone or video conference) to those who are affected by COVID-19, for example people who have lost their jobs, have reduced work hours, have been stood down and/or are under financial stress. Simply contact us on 1300 388 285 or tell us about your situation HERE and we will arrange your appointment.

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