Let’s talk about life insurance and why you need it

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We can talk all we want about financial wellbeing. You’ve probably noticed it’s one of our favourite topics. But it’s not enough for us just to talk about it. We need to live it; and live it through the experiences of our clients. To truly understand their needs by walking the journey with them. It’s the only way we can help achieve every individual’s version of financial wellbeing. 

So we thought we’d let our clients speak for themselves.

In this first story, we were privileged to sit down with Leah Martin who shared her journey with Tribeca. When her life was turned upside down by tragedy, Leah was faced with not only the grief of losing a loved one, but having to deal with financial issues such as a lapsed life insurance policy and no Will.  

Unfortunately this is a scenario that happens all too often. Here’s Leah’s story. 

A life-changing event

In late 2017, Michael from Tribeca contacted my husband (Lou) to arrange a meeting to update our policies such as our Life Insurance which had laid dormant for years. Due to being time poor, unfortunately we never got around to it and Lou passed away suddenly in March 2018. It was our plan to connect with Michael once we returned from an overseas trip in the March, but of course, this never eventuated.  
When Lou passed away Michael was contacted and he (thank god) took over the handling of Lou’s life insurance policy, along with helping me through many other financial hurdles. Lou was the only source of income for our family (two daughters aged 9 years and 14 years old at the time of Lou’s passing), so I relied heavily on Michaels advice. Lou had some” continuity of his wage arranged if he was ever to pass, but this was only to be a short-term solution. As he did not have a Will, this proved to be even more complicated, as Lou also had shares in the company he created along with three other partners, and he also had children from another relationship prior to ours.  
It took about 12 months to finalise everything, when I was finally granted Letters of Administration for Lou’s estate. During this time, Michael arranged for a part payout of life insurance to help with items such as bills which was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. When the payout and shares were finalised, Michael was still in constant contact with me the whole way, advising how to best manage bills, pay debts, money handling and planning for the future for not only me, but my girls too.

Being prepared

Without Michael, I really dont think I could have achieved a debt free outcome and financial freedom. His ideas have been invaluable and certainly not decisions I would have known to make on my own. 

Moving forward, Michael and I have a definite plan for my financial future and an updated life insurance and illness policy, knowing that if anything should ever happen to me, my girls are taken care of financially (needless to say I have also arranged my Will). 

Above and beyond

Michael was heavily involved in legal and financial situations that I assume he would not normally have to be involved in, but I can say with hand to heart that this journey would have been impossible to navigate through without him. 

I will never be able to thank Tribeca and Michael enough for what they have helped do for me. I know I pay for this service, however, they definitely go above and beyond any fee.

We’d like to thank Leah so much for sharing her journey with Tribeca, and to all of our clients who trust us with their story. 

Leah’s story shows it’s important to be prepared for when the unexpected happens.  A good financial strategy doesn’t stand alone. To protect your finances from the inevitable curveballs life tends to throw, it’s critical to have the back-up and peace of mind of an effective insurance plan, with insurance cover you can rely on.    

One of our expert financial advisors can health check your insurance cover. Don’t wait any longer to speak to an advisor, just click here to arrange a 15 minute phone call.

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