Leah Martin’s life was turned upside down when her husband Lou passed away suddenly. While facing the tragedy and grief of losing a loved one, Leah also found herself having to deal with worrying financial issues such as a lapsed life insurance policy and no Will.

She turned to Tribeca for help and guidance.


Unfortunately Leah’s situation is not uncommon, with many people either finding it difficult to stay on top of their personal finance matters or not having the adequate level of insurance in place. For Leah, the situation was made even more concerning as Lou was the sole provider of income for her and her 9yr old and 14 yr old daughters. There was also the added complexity of handling Lou’s Estate without having a Will in place and with other parties involved, and Lou having shares in a company he created with three other partners.

Reassuring Leah was our first priority. The next was freeing up some funds for her to maintain her lifestyle and financial commitments. This involved arranging for a part payout of Life Insurance to help with items such as bills and everyday living expenses, lifting a significant weight off Leah’s shoulders.

As we set about helping to resolve Lou’s Estate, we regularly checked-in with Leah to offer support and guide her on how to best manage her finances, pay down debt, and plan for the future for her family. This also included updating her Life Insurance and Illness Policy and creating a Will, giving Leah the peace of mind knowing that her girls would be taken care of if something was to happen to her.

Finally after twelve months Leah was granted Letters of Administration for Lou’s Estate, allowing her to become debt free and look to a future of financial security and freedom for her family.


I can say hand to heart that this journey would have been impossible to navigate without Tribeca’s advice and support. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me. I don’t know about other financial planners and how they treat and manage their clients, but I would not stray from Tribeca. I know I pay for this service, however, they definitely go above and beyond any fee.

Leah Martin

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