Jessica Boyde

Client Experience Associate

Bachelor of Commerce (International Business and Electronic Commerce), Curtin University

Originally from Western Australia, Jessica returned to Australia with her family in 2020, after living in London for 14 years. 

During that time, Jessica held roles in private equity firms including HarbourVest Partners and Pantheon, leading global private markets investment firms and most recently, Cerberus Capital Management, a global leader in alternative investing, focusing on marketing, organising events and providing support in investor relations.

While Jessica initially planned to live and work in London for a few years, whilst travelling around Europe, she stayed for much longer.  In recent years (and having a young daughter) she yearned to return home to Australia to be closer to her family. 

Now she is back in Australia, Jessica plans to dedicate more time to being outdoors, particularly swimming and playing netball (two things difficult to do in the UK). Music plays a big part in her life (classical, jazz and opera), as does playing the piano. 

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