What we learned from Everything is Figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable

Marie Forleo says “Nothing in life is that complicated, you can do whatever you set your mind to, you just roll up your sleeves and do it. Everything is figureoutable”.

But is everything really ‘figureoutable’?

A recent report reveals that more than half of Australians are stressed about their finances, with nearly 85 per cent saying it impacts their wellbeing. So, it’s fair to say that not a lot of us have figured out our finances just yet!
The ironic thing is, most of us are aware the key to long term wealth creation is to spend less than we earn, yet we still see so many households earning over $200k living pay cheque to pay cheque.

It’s like how we all know the key to losing weight is exercise and a healthy diet, but this knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to stick to the plan and get fit! Throw the holiday season into the mix and our plans of a healthy lifestyle barely stand a chance!

everything is figureoutable
everything is figureoutable

We know what we want to change and we know how to get there. So, what’s missing?

How do we achieve that feeling of being financially fit and living the life we want now and in the future? How do move our financial dials forward and grow our wealth? What’s the ‘figureoutable’ element to this financial freedom puzzle?

The answer is action and accountability.

everything is figureoutable
everything is figureoutable, figure out your finances

Putting a strategic financial roadmap in place that is aligned to your life goals is the first step towards financial freedom.

And having an expert in your corner day to day, to hold you accountable to your goals and actions is the key to ongoing success!

You can have the life you want. With the right action plan and a team of experts at your side, everything IS ‘figureoutable’.

Ready to put a plan in place and start taking action and smashing out 2020? Download our Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting eBook below.

If you’re looking for a good read over the holdays, we highly recommend you check out Marie Forleo’s ‘Everything is Figureoutable!

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