David Lofthouse, Adviser, Tribeca Financial

David Lofthouse


Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business & Management, Aston University Business School

After his 2011 move to Melbourne from the UK, David quickly fell in love with Australia and became an Australian citizen in August 2017.

With a background in business finance and accounting, he joined the Tribeca Financial team in 2017.

David’s determination to help his clients reach financial wellbeing drove him to attain his CFP designation in 2017. His passion for coaching people towards achieving their personal goals extends beyond his role in the Tribeca team, as he is also a qualified personal trainer and holds further accreditation in nutrition.

For David, living his Good Life means striking the right balance between travelling the world and taking time to relax and enjoy what’s closer to home – usually by going to the gym or playing the guitar.

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