How to dig yourself out of credit card debt

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Many people young people find themselves up to their eyes in credit card debt – a holiday, a work wardrobe or moving out of home with the assistance of your first credit card – can start the roll down a slippery slope to credit debt, with serious consequences.  Research* commissioned by Tribeca Financial found nearly […]

The key principles to goal setting

Setting goals is considered an essential practice for living a happy and fulfilling life. Goals provide you with purpose, direction and motivation. They give you a target to strive for, they may force you to change or move out of your comfort zone and improve yourself to achieve them. You’ll have the best chance of […]

Wealth protection in uncertain times

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Life can be unpredictable and when it comes to managing finances, instability can have a devastating impact. The good news is that, by being strategic about planning for wealth protection in uncertain times, you can help safeguard yourself against financial insecurity – and prosper. In the beginning, the first sensible steps towards protecting your wealth […]

The #1 change your business should be making to improve your employees’ work-life balance

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Finances and work-life balance When we think about a healthy work-life balance, we often envision flexible working hours and team building exercises. Whilst these are fantastic options for improving mental health and wellbeing, they fail to address one of the largest reported employee concerns – financial stress. 53% of full-time employees report that they are […]

Is your aging parent trusting the wrong financial adviser?

pension, aged care

Our parents won’t be around forever. Nobody likes admitting it – or even thinking about it – but it’s something that we all have to face as we get older. We might not to be able to stop it, but there are steps we can take to ensure our parents are living their Good Life, regardless […]

End of financial year tax time tips

Tax, income protection

Tax time. Two words that bring a sense of dread to most people. If this includes you, read on. We’ve compiled our top tips to ensure smooth sailing this financial year.   Start early If you’re after a stress-free tax return, the best thing you can do is stop procrastinating and lodge your return as early […]

The four elements of financial wellbeing that all good financial plans must address

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Financial wellbeing is seen as having a healthy relationship with your finances. This healthy relationship is made up of four elements that give you financial security and freedom of choice, in both the present and your future. The four elements of financial wellbeing consists of: – Control over your finances – Capacity to absorb a financial shock […]

Money can buy happiness – but only if you spend it correctly

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A few weeks ago, some members of the Tribeca team took to the streets of Melbourne to gain a better understanding of the level of financial wellness among every day Australians. The results were surprising, finding that whilst 1 in 2 Australians are financially stressed, most of us do not consider money to be a […]

Is your loyalty to your bank hurting your savings?

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From family to friendships, we’re taught about loyalty from an early age. Being loyal has positive connotations and speaks well about our character. Conversely, we associate disloyalty with negative meaning, so it makes sense that we’d actively avoid doing something that makes us feel disloyal. The funny thing about loyalty is that the longer we […]