Our success is built on the success of our Tribe

Be part of a team (we call them ‘tribe’) helping people work out what they want out of life. 

We focus strongly on the individuals we work with, evaluating what drives their choices – personality traits, priorities and passions – with the aim of helping them live their best life.

We talk about our vision and our values a lot, not just because they’re important, but because we actively live and breathe them everyday.

Our Vision

To inspire, educate and support 5,000 families to enable them to live their Good Life.

Our Values


We have the conversations that need to be had.  We embrace diversity and difference, and we uphold everyone’s value.  We stop and smell the roses.


We choose a Growth Mindset. We are brave and creative in our craft.


We do what we say we will.  We commit wholeheartedly to our work and our wellbeing.


We hold ourselves and our Tribe to exceptional levels of accountability.  We speak up.


We put human connection first. We genuinely listen and we genuinely care.

‘My good life’ is a way to describe the life that any given person would like to live – for happiness, now and in the future.

It’s a vision that’s flexible enough to include countless individual circumstances, and comprehensive enough to unite us in optimism.

We walk the walk. We endeavour to live our good lives and respect how this looks for each individual and colleague.

If you want to live your good life and help to make our client’s ‘good life’ come true, then get in touch with us today. 

Join us to create futures that people dream of