My Good Life is to be the best version of myself for my family, team and clients.

Brad Fox

Non-Executive Chairman

Brad’s philosophy on business is that success always begins with leadership and the culture that the leaders create – it is people that power a service-led business. Leaders need to be frank and honest in identifying what is and isn’t working, and face these truths collaboratively to make change for the better. No wonder he is one of the driving forces behind Tribeca’s strategic direction, growth and culture.

Of particular interest to Brad is the psychology of people and their relationship with money. It’s why he is forever striving to improve the financial advice process to drive value through changing a client’s thinking about money and life.

Outside of Tribeca, Brad is just as heavily immersed in people-led pursuits – whether it’s trekking Kokoda for charity, changing the vision and direction of a business, or coaching kids at sport.

You can connect with Brad on LinkedIn