What I wish everyone knew about retirement

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” I’ve always found this quote from Muhammad Ali incredibly powerful – both for its simplicity and message. This quote has taken on even more meaning during COVID-19 where we’ve all had to make significant adjustments to our lives. And start to look at what is most important […]

What are the scams and traps of COVID-19

With financial scams and traps increasing during COVID-19, we’ve listed the top four to avoid. The classic scam. You receive an email from a Nigerian Prince offering you a slice of a huge a fortune he can’t get out of the country without your help. All he needs is your bank details, and a small […]

Ask the Experts: A Financial Wellbeing panel discussion

Here at Tribeca, we are committed to improving the financial wellbeing of everyday Australians. And financial wellbeing is more relevant than ever before. Times like these throw up many questions like: Am I ok (financially)? What do I need to do to feel financially secure?  What do I need to do to thrive in our […]

Tribeca Top Ten: binge-worthy TV shows

The Tribeca Tribe give our recommendations for the ten TV shows you can’t miss during lockdown By popular demand (well at least from our Tribeca Tribe and families), we’re back for the next instalment of our Tribeca Top Ten, where we’ve put together those binge-worthy TV shows you simply can’t miss during lockdown – from […]

Where there’s no will…

We are privileged to have Lahra Carey share her very personal story with us. It is incredibly giving and thoughtful of her, and we hope it makes you stop, think and act. Because nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Lahra. I’m standing in […]

Why you need a financial partner, not just an adviser

Next in our series of client stories is Zoe Ottaway. When Zoe approached Tribeca, she wasn’t looking for a financial adviser who would do everything for her. She wanted an adviser she could learn from, partner with, and empower her to take control of her finances and future. An adviser who was genuine in understanding […]

Why Tribeca Tracker is your secret weapon

What does financial wellbeing mean to you? Our guess a big part of it is being in control of your finances, especially budgeting and cash flow. It’s what most of our clients tell us is one of their major goals, and major challenges. As financial planners, we get it (well you’d hope we do). It’s […]

Five ways to build hope

Rainbow Chalk Brings Hope

During these unusual times, and going through any tough situation, your resolve and your resilience is likely to be tested. And that’s OK. This too shall pass.  We asked Clinical Counsellor Olivia Sakamoto to write about hope, why it’s good for us and ways to maintain a positive outlook. Five ways to build hope by […]

Why financial wellbeing is so important for your team – and business

Tribeca Financial Wellbeing

A report released this year on financial wellbeing and capability showed there are over two million Australian adults experiencing high levels of financial vulnerability. It also highlighted a significant proportion of Australians experience anxiety about not being able to meet an unexpected expense. 1 We can only imagine what those statistics would look like now. […]

Let’s talk about life insurance and why you need it

Picture of mum and baby

We can talk all we want about financial wellbeing. You’ve probably noticed it’s one of our favourite topics. But it’s not enough for us just to talk about it. We need to live it; and live it through the experiences of our clients. To truly understand their needs by walking the journey with them. It’s the only […]