Support us in the 2018 Variety Bash!

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For our second year running, the Tribeca Tribe & ‘The Beast’ will be participating in the 2018 Variety Bash from Geelong to Townsville, to raise funds for Variety – the Children’s Charity. Variety – the Children’s Charity is a national non-profit organisation committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs […]

The four elements of financial wellbeing that all good financial plans must address

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Financial wellbeing is seen as having a healthy relationship with your finances. This healthy relationship is made up of four elements that give you financial security and freedom of choice, in both the present and your future. The four elements of financial wellbeing consists of: – Control over your finances – Capacity to absorb a financial shock […]

An open letter on the royal commission

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As you have probably heard, a banking royal commission is being held to investigate the financial advice industry after the big four banks and AMP were accused of malpractice. The aim of the royal commission is to find out just how widespread the issue is and to raise standards in the financial services industry. At […]

Money can buy happiness – but only if you spend it correctly

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A few weeks ago, some members of the Tribeca team took to the streets of Melbourne to gain a better understanding of the level of financial wellness among every day Australians. The results were surprising, finding that whilst 1 in 2 Australians are financially stressed, most of us do not consider money to be a […]

Is your loyalty to your bank hurting your savings?

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From family to friendships, we’re taught about loyalty from an early age. Being loyal has positive connotations and speaks well about our character. Conversely, we associate disloyalty with negative meaning, so it makes sense that we’d actively avoid doing something that makes us feel disloyal. The funny thing about loyalty is that the longer we […]

How the simple act of being mindful can help reduce financial stress

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Mindfulness. If you’ve read anything to do with wellbeing recently, there’s no doubt you’ve already come across this term several times. But what exactly is mindfulness – and what does it have to do with our finances? What it means to be mindful. It’s a common misconception that mindfulness is the same as meditation. So, for […]

How cryptocurrency has changed our mindset towards investing

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“If you invested in Bitcoin last year when I was talking about it, you would’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars.” It’s a conversation I’ve heard many times (a lot less in the last two weeks) and it’s now official – the cryptocurrency boom is everywhere, and everyone seems to think they’re an expert. University […]

Why the global stock market fall isn’t as bad as it sounds

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It’s very likely that you’re going to hear a bit of noise about the stock market over the coming days. The US has just had its largest single day drop in history off the back of a large drop on Friday. It’s now significantly affected Australia too. Yesterday, I attended a Chief Economists forum. The […]

For women to succeed in the workplace, employers must address the financial wellness gap

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“…I think I will need to work until I’m 120 to be a comfortable and self-funded retiree…” “…I expect to be poor. I may become functionally homeless…” “… I am stuffed if my partner decides to leave me …” These are all statements Australian women made when addressing their future retirement prospects during a 2017 study. […]

Improve workplace culture by encouraging employees to talk about money

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Let’s stop beating around the bush – Australians have a problem. We’re scared to talk about money. As something that has such an enormous impact on our daily lives, you think we’d be a little more open to the idea of discussing our financial situation. Turns out, this isn’t the case. But there are steps […]