Ask the Experts: What you need to know about the property market in 2021



Despite predications the property market would crash when Job Keeper finished, it has remained strong and is forecast to continue that way.


Review your mortgage and understand where you sit in terms of the market – a broker will give you the best line of sight.


Buying property is complex so protect yourself by using an advocate and/or doing your due diligence around building and pest inspections, checking contracts and preparing finance.

On 11 May 2021, it was wonderful to welcome back guests into our Hawthorn office for our latest Ask the Experts event – The Property Market 2021.

Joining us to discuss how the property market has recovered from the events of 2020 were REIV’s Senior Vice President Adam Docking, buyers advocate and The Block’s Nicole Jacobs, and Tribeca’s Director of Lending Jason Kloszynski

Topics discussed included what the property forecast looks like for the next 6-12 months and whether the current boom will last, what are the factors people need to consider when reviewing their current mortgages or taking out a new one, has the experience of COVID changed buying behaviour and what should buyers be most aware of.

Thanks to our panel and to everyone who attended for providing such an engaging and insightful discussion, and please look out for our next Ask the Experts event.

You can also view previous Ask the Experts Webinars by clicking the link below:

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