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Financial Advice

How does mortgage lending work?

According to leading industry researcher IBISWorld, the market size of Australia’s mortgage industry (measured by revenue) was $62.8bn in 2022. This equates to around 100 lenders servicing just under 20 million clients around the country.

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What can we learn from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

How do we define and sustain success? This was the question that drove Stephen Covey to pour over 200 years of self-help, self-improvement and popular psychology books in search of an answer.


How to avoid negative thinking traps

Positive Psychology teacher and wellbeing expert Anna Glynn talks about how to take charge of your thoughts to avoid being snared by a negative thinking trap.

Mother and daughter walking to school
Financial Advice

How planning for private school fees can really pay off

Private school fees. There, we said it. These three words are enough to send many parents and carers into a cold sweat. Now please don’t think we’re discouraging a private education for your child – choosing government or private schooling is a very personal and individual decision with both offering amazing opportunities.

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Financial Wellbeing

Why is Financial Wellbeing so important right now?

Financial wellbeing is simply having a healthy relationship with your finances by understanding how you can mindfully spend and save your money. In other words, control over your finances and in turn your choices.