A financial advisor who genuinely cares is invaluable

A financial advisor who genuinely cares is invaluable-Neil and Megan-Shewan

In our final client story for 2021, Neil Shewan talks about how important it is to know that your advisor ‘has your back’.

We’ve known Neil since Tribeca’s early beginnings, and along his journey with us we’ve been very fortunate to provide financial advice and guidance for both his personal and business interests.

As Tribeca has grown over this time, so too has Neil in his professional and personal life. It’s given him a unique perspective on how we operate and what’s important to us.

For Neil, the relationship we’ve enjoyed with him and his family has been built on one critical element – care. This means everything to us as it’s one of the pillars we hold dear at Tribeca, even more so in a year that has called on every one of us to look out for each other.

Here’s Neil’s story.

Not what I expected

To be honest, prior to Tribeca I was a little cynical about financial advisors based on previous experience. I got the impression that they were in it for juicy commissions on selling financial products.

My experience with Tribeca has been the complete opposite of that. There is a high level of genuine care in our wellbeing, which I’ve really appreciated. It is about what is best for us and reaching our desired financial and lifestyle goals.

I actually first came in contact with Tribeca when myself and my three business partners started using them for financial planning advice for our business. Tribeca helped with setting up share agreements and insurances for the business. It was clear from the start that they genuinely cared about us and our business, putting in place elements such as key person insurance to ensure our interests were protected.

My wife Megan and I then started to use Tribeca for our personal financial planning. And have valued their advice and support ever since.

A holistic approach

Tribeca really has made a significant impact to our financial wellbeing across many aspects.

From a business perspective, the advice Tribeca provided around key person insurance proved invaluable when one of our business partners became unwell for an extended period. As a small business, the support from the insurance meant that the business could continue to operate smoothly.

On personal finances, Tribeca has worked closely with us to rapidly reduce home loan debt through quarterly budgeting check-ins; increasing our discipline around spending. Our advisor, Mariana, has been awesome providing direction and advice, including ways of negotiating to reduce insurance costs and interest rates.

This also extended to safeguarding against unforeseen events, such as when Megan fell and broke her shoulder at a basketball coaching session a few years ago. The insurance from Tribeca provided income security for us over six months which kept the family afloat while Megan then focused on recovery.

Talking of family, another impact I really value is with my son and daughter. When they were approaching adulthood Mariana met up with them to discuss their personal finances, including the value of part-time work, and managing their expenses. This has had a big impact on their transition into being financially independent adults.

Care means everything

With all of these examples, Tribeca has always shown a desire to go above and beyond. And that they really care.

Care that we are secure financially. Care that we are able to live our ‘Good Life’.

It’s so important to know that your planner has got your back and will go the extra mile. Tribeca do. Having an open and transparent relationship with your planner is critical as you are sharing your ups and downs. Especially in a year like 2020.

I feel very lucky to have had Tribeca – and in particular Mariana – there to support us at every step.

We’d like to thank Neil so much for sharing his journey, and to all of our clients who trust us with their story.

If you’re like Neil and value a financial advisor who genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing, we’d love to chat. Click here to arrange a 15 minute phone call.

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